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When you hire on as a driver team for R & R Trucking, Inc., you are truly on your road to success. R & R’s new “Pay Protection Plan” provides guaranteed pay to all Company Driver Teams to ensure financial peace of mind. Company teams also earn 2 days off for each OTR week out. We invite you to call one of our driver recruiting specialists today – or just fill out an application. It is time to make your move to R & R.

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Your Road to Success

As the premier, specialized truckload carrier, R & R Trucking, Inc. is called upon each and every day to move our nation’s most sensitive cargo.

We are experts in the truckload transportation of military freight, commercial explosives, weapons, ammunition, hazardous waste and radioactive materials.

R & R has a wide selection of freight transport equipment that includes: dry van, flat bed, dromedary, tanker and other specialized equipment.

We only employ the “best of the best” when it comes to our driver teams. Our teams are security cleared and receive ongoing training and certifications in HazMat and C-TPAT.

R & R guarantees its customers peace of mind from the moment their freight is picked up – until it is safely delivered to its final destination. Call us today for all your sensitive cargo needs. R & R – Your Road to Success.

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Why Truck Driver Teams Stay at R & R Trucking, Inc.

After viewing this video we are sure you will want to make your move to R & R. Give our Recruiting Department a call. They want to hear from you.

Not All Truck Driving Jobs Are the Same

Team truck drivers, Linda Richards and James Cayton, tell why they made their move from a general commodities carrier to R & R Trucking, Inc.

Driver Home Time Important Factor at R&R

R & R company teams earn two days off for each OTR week out.

Recent News Releases

R & R Trucking, Inc. Cracks the Code to Truck Driver Retention

Four Key Reasons Team Truck Drivers Stay at R & R

While many large truckload carriers are experiencing 100 percent driver turnover, R & R Trucking, Inc. believes they have cracked the code to truck driver retention. In reviewing driver longevity statistics, R & R discovered their driver retention was far better than the industry norm.

“When accounting for all drivers – for all the fleets – we found that six years was the average length of stay for our drivers. At the point they reached seven years, we found that over a third of our fleet had been here 11-plus years,” said Vonda Cooper, Vice President of Operations, R & R Trucking, Inc.

After interviewing several driver teams, the company attributed R & R driver longevity to four key reasons: a family atmosphere in the workplace, superior driver pay, more home time and employees' sense of pride. Read Entire Article

R & R Trucking, Inc. Forecasts Growth for 2017

Sales Expands Outreach to Commercial Markets in Explosives and Hazardous Materials Arenas

R & R Trucking, Inc. announced today they are expanding their sales efforts in the commercial explosives and hazardous materials arenas for 2017. R & R Trucking, Inc., with its group of carriers, AATCO and NEI, is North America’s largest trucking company that specializes in the transport of sensitive cargo. The vast majority of this cargo is transported for the United States Government.

"At the end of the day it all comes down to growth and profitability for our stakeholders and we believe there are unique opportunities outside government freight," says Bill Dooling, R & R Chief Financial Officer. "In particular, we anticipate growth for our carriers in the explosives and hazardous materials commercial markets, which is why we plan to aggressively pursue this type of freight going forward." Read Entire Article

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Driver Tools

Driver tools allows R & R drivers to access pay settlements, signature forms, print & download documents, training videos and much more.

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