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R & R Trucking, Inc. Implements New Military Veterans Trucking Hiring Program

Military friendly is more than just lip service

JOPLIN, Mo., February 22, 2016

R & R Trucking, Inc., Joplin, Mo., a leading transporter of sensitive cargo for the Department of Defense (DOD), announced the implementation of a new military veterans hiring program to enlist military veterans in becoming team drivers for R & R.

To spearhead the veterans hiring program, R & R’s executive management team retained the services of retired Lieutenant Colonel, Andy DesJardins and his wife, Lisa. The couple will work directly with military institutions and veteran organizations to recruit highly trained veterans that can meet the qualifications necessary for transporting sensitive cargo for the DOD.

DesJardins served for 24 years in the U.S. Army with tours in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. “I know firsthand the great work ethics of the men and women that serve our country,” said DesJardins. “R & R is a great fit for military veterans that want to continue to serve their country.”

Lisa DesJardins claims camaraderie is an important factor in all branches of the military. “Camaraderie to me means -- I got your back,” she said. “I see that same spirit of camaraderie in all departments at R & R and that gives us a competitive edge when recruiting military veterans.”

R & R places a major emphasis on being military friendly. “Being military friendly is more than just lip service,” said Phil Nelson, CEO of R & R, “it is taking veterans out of their current environment and helping them transition along with helping them and their families make a good living.”

According to R & R Vice President of Administration, Kevin McKelvy, R & R is a great fit for those military veterans that want to drive a truck and make great money. “Our qualified team drivers at R & R can earn over $120,000 per year if they have the right endorsements,” said McKelvy.

As part of the overall initiative to train military veterans so they can obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), R & R is working closely with Crowder College Transport Training, a member of the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools (NAPFTDS). Crowder, located in Neosho, Mo., has received a VA approved grant to assist military veterans in obtaining a CDL. The grant and waiver program give credit for a veteran’s past military driving experience.

“We believe working with Crowder and other NAPFTDS member schools, along with partnering with truck driving schools located in close proximity to military bases, will enhance our long term goals to attract more military veterans to R & R,” McKelvy said.

In an effort to increase awareness of the new program nationwide, R & R added a new military veterans driver recruiting page to its website,, and released a driver recruiting video on YouTube targeted solely at veterans.

R & R Trucking, Inc. – with its group of carriers, AATCO and NEI – is North America’s largest trucking company that specializes in the transport of sensitive cargo. Their logistic and equipment capabilities encompass tanker, dry van, flat bed, dromedary and specialized transportation equipment. Its mission is to provide transportation services to customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources.

For more information about R & R Trucking, Inc., contact Andy DesJardins, 417-623-6885 ext. #2151, or Lisa DesJardins, 417-623-6885 ext. #2152. You can also visit R & R’s website at


Andy Desjardins

R & R Trucking, Inc.

417-623-6885 Ext: 2151

Lisa Desjardins

R & R Trucking, Inc.

417-623-6885 Ext: 2152

“Camaraderie to me means – I got your back”

Lisa DesJardins shares with R & R executive team her passion for military veterans

Lisa DesJardins shares with R & R executive team her passion for military veterans

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